Non-Octave Melancholic

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Non-Octave Melancholic

This piece is an experiment using a tuning system
Jacky Ligon showed me.

It is a 12 tone subset of 28ED3 (ratio 3:1 divided into 28 equal divisions):


This mode-of-limited-transposition uses a pattern where the large steps are 3 times the size of the small ones (L3 L3 s1).

Jacky Ligon wrote: “
It's long been curious to me that so little work seems to have been done on divisions of 3; most people just stop at BP”.
Where BP stands for
I agree with him saying that “
the scale under consideration here has much more melodic variety than BP allows”.

Soundsources are Spectrasonics
Omnisphere and Logic Pro X’s Ultrabeat.