Out of Gamma Body Experience


Listen to Out-of-Gamma-Body Experience

A 10 minutes long piece is a very unusual format for me.
I usually try to be concise, often afraid of sounding verbose if stretching a piece for too long. That’s why I often dislike “ambient” music.
But is this “ambient” music only because it is a long piece ? I don’t think so.
After composing many rhythmically oriented pieces I had decided to go for something different.
I chose a few samples from my vast collection of sound libraries that I started mangling with
Metasynth. Somehow I created this long soundfile that I use as underlying support for the piece.
I also decided to “sing” using my Oriental-sounding gibberish ”technique”! Vocals were then edited with
Strings/theremin sounds come from
This piece is the first one using
Carlos Gamma in a long time due in part to my laziness (Carlos Gamma is not the easiest tuning system to work with) and in part to a problem with my Chameleon that I was recently able to fix.
The title refers to this image that came to my mind while working on it as if I was floating above ground looking down to myself in complete detachment. After working with this piece for some time I did not experience this state anymore but I kept it for the title. See if you can experience it too. The suggested way to listen to this piece is quietly sitting with closed eyes and headphones on.