Underwater Dreaming


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Underwater Dreaming started out as an experiment while browsing the new sounds of Spectrasonics Omnisphere 1.0.3 update.
I created an 8 patches "multi" following the idea that the title for the upcoming song would be "Wrongdoings in the Dark" (don't ask me why). So I chose some mysterious sound/noise but I ended up with something completely different from what I had originally thought, so the title of the piece changed to "Watery Dreams" and then to the final one. Omnisphere is the only sound source for this piece.


It is basically an improvisation in C minor (or sea minor, if you will). I recorded it in sections, switching from one channel to the other, making sure not to use more than 4 sounds simultaneously to avoid choking the CPU. I am amazed my MacBook Pro could handle everything in real time. There is only one instance of the "multi" with recordings divided by midi channel. After assembling the recordings I adjusted their levels and a few notes but basically what you hear is what I did at first.