The making of Barefoot Meditation


Click on the picture to watch the movie

This video shows the procedure I followed to record my piece “Barefoot Meditation”.
I am mostly doing it for myself but maybe it can be helpful for someone else too.

The idea was to retune my Kurzweil PC3x thru LMSO (on one MacBook Pro) and be able to send and record the results to Apple Logic X (on another Mac).
Why? Because I have the unbeatable
LMSO on a MBP running OSX 10.6.8 and Logic X on another machine running OSX 10.11.1
LMSO does not run on 10.11.1? It does but it is more stable on 10.6.8 and then…what could be geekier than some convoluted MIDI routing?

Anyway, I am happy I solved the problem thanks to a 30 years old KMX MIDI Central 15in/16out MIDI patch bay that I bought in the ‘80s when I was a student at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.

MIDI data from the PC3x go the MIDI patch bay then to the older MBP through a MIDI interface.
Data get retuned by LMSO then back to the PC3x through the same MIDI interface and MIDI patch bay.
Now the trick…retuned MIDI data go from the MIDI THRU port of the PC3x to the MIDI patch bay and from there to the MIDI interface connected to the newer Mac running OSX 10.11.1
So, now I can record retuned MIDI data on Logic X without creating any MIDI loops!!!
Am I a geek or what?

in the background you can hear my sparrow
Geronimo whistling and the last frame of the movie is for him!