Cubana Al Cubana Pha

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Cubana Al Cubana Pha

This piece is a study in the use of different user interfaces. In this case I use an
Halberstadt keyboard (Nord Stage 88 Classic), an isomorphic one (Opal Chameleon) and a ribbon controller (Doepfer R2M).


The picture above shows
Logic Pro’s Environment page with MIDI signals arriving to the sequencer input from R2M (port 4), NS88 (port 5) and Disarray/ Chameleon (read more about it here).

The flute and marimba sounds come from Reason’s
NNXT sampler (with samples retuned to Carlos Alpha thanks to LMSO). Reason is in Rewire Slave Mode.


The bass sound comes from
Omnisphere. Actually it is a Trilian sound opened from within Omnisphere because it allows retuning samples.


As you can see from the picture above the sound is transposed one octave down but because I am using a non-octave tuning system similar to
15ED2 it means I use different root notes for the bass than for the other 2 instruments (just to make things a little trickier!).

The percussion tracks (bongos and drum set) are built with a variety of audio loops.

Note for those wondering about the title of this piece: it refers to “
Cubano Be Cubano Bop” (1947), a famous piece by George Russell.