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Lonesome X

I had been wondering for a long time if and where I had saved a bunch of old songs I remembered but could not find. At last, not long ago, I found a DVD labeled "music back up" and there they were. I was really pleased of finding it because it meant I was not so stupid to have erased or not saved them (of course I copied everything on a HD as soon as I found it. Gladly the DVD still worked).
At this point, being stuff more than ten years old, I wondered if I could open it. So, I took "
Lonesome" one of the songs I remembered more fondly, written in 2004, that had been composed with an old version of Propellerhead Reason and tried.


I recently upgraded to Reason 9 after many years not using it and everything, opening this old file, went smooth besides the fact that many sounds were missing but I had kept them on another HD and was able to find them after all these years. Organizationally I am "top shelf"!
But it was not all, I wanted to remake it. So, I opened Logic X and then Reason in ReWire slave mode. I imported a MIDI file of the original song in Logic X as a score, then I muted a few tracks of the old song, because I wanted to redo them.
I added a double bass track, lowering the volume of the original two sequencers playing the ostinato bass and erased the original drum tracks, creating new ones.


The double bass comes from Spectrasonics Trilian and drums from Spectrasonics Stylus RMX. Then I did some retouching here and there, some compression and so on. I think I did a good job.
Here you can find the original version for comparison.