Talking Gamma In Your Sleep

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Talking Gamma In Your Sleep

“Talking Gamma In Your Sleep” is a xenharmonic remake of “
Talking In Your Sleep”, a popular song by The Romantics.

I took the video from
YouTube, removed the audio and created a new xenharmonic soundtrack.

The first step was creating a tempo track to sync the video with the new soundtrack.


As you can see from the above picture I had to synchronize every single bar (with
Logic Pro’s Beat Mapping command) to stay in sync with the video.

Once again the tuning system I have used is a mode of
Carlos Gamma (already used for many other songs, like Hal Trumpetti).

The sounds are mostly from
Camel Audio Alchemy with the exception of drums (Logic Pro’s sound library and Ultrabeat drum synthesizer) and vocoders from Nord G2 (I sang twice using different vocoder patches).

To see how to retune the Nord G2 see “
The singing alchemist


Lyrics are partly in Gamma and partly in English!

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