Here there are a few experiments done while learning Melodyne 2 by Celemony.

The first one shows a very simple phrase in C major retuned in real time to a couple of xenharmonic scales, my beloved
Carlos Alpha and Carlos Gamma (that I created very easily in Melodyne) and then back to the standard Western tuning.
Getting the same audio effect with a soft (or hardware) synth would mean playing the same phrase three times and each time with a different tuning system and note layout. This way, auditioning different scales with Melodyne, becomes a child play (you can read more about it
here). I am speechless!

The second one shows how to display intervals as frequency ratios. You can see that corresponding “blobs” get moved automatically (you can read more about it
here). Amazing!

Lastly a little composition created copying, pasting and editing an initial vocal phrase. Who’s the singer?