East Of The Moon

This is a follow-up to
Breath of the Chameleon.
As you can see, from the flow chart, I use a similar set-up.
Ribbon (
Doepfer R2M) and breath (Yamaha BC3) controllers make for a great way of playing a monophonic instrument (like the Yamaha VL70m): the R2M generates note messages and the BC3 controls dynamics.

(click the picture above to watch the movie)

The scale I am using is a
Carlos Gamma tetrachord suggested by John H. Chalmers:


It is a non-octave tetrachord!
The closest we get to an octave is 1193 cents (instead of 1200). See below!

I investigated which note layout to use for both
Chameleon and ribbon controller to play it.

It was clear from the start that using the same layout previously featured on
Gamma Elegy and following pieces did not make sense: using only 7 out of 34 notes of Carlos Gamma’s compressed octave made playing it very awkward:


Note names on the example above refer to my
Gamma Chameleon Notation but besides that, you can see it is impracticable to play it with one hand.
So, for both controllers I chose a “diatonic” note layout:


C. V. commented:
This is excellent - sounds very middle eastern.