MetaSynth5 experiments

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I recently upgraded to MetaSynth 5.

I had already used MS4 for some projects:


Brain The Size Of The Universe

Summer 2006 in 11 Limit


For these projects I had used MS4 to create some effects but the pieces were always assembled with my main sequencer: Apple’s Logic.

You can read reviews about MS5 all over the internet so I will only add it is true MetaSynth is a "
paradigm-smashing composition environment" (suffice it to say it does not have anything to do with MIDI).

The 2 examples I include here are experiments trying to create complete compositions only with MS5 ( and the tools provided by

Listen to:



In order to add some vividness to this page I am also posting some pictures I painted as audio filters to use with MS5!

MS5 is a world apart from anything else on this planet. I love it!

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