I recently bought a Moog Theremini, thinking of using it as a MIDI controller. The included USB port does not send MIDI note messages so I also bought a Sonuus i2M musicport. Then I proceeded to test how the i2M tracks the audio output of the theremini, converting it to MIDI messages.
For this reason I created the following set up:


This way I could play the theremini sending its audio signal both to the i2M and to the audio interface and compare the audio coming directly from the theremini with that of a soft synth driven by the MIDI signals coming from the i2M.

The following video shows both the MIDI track and the audio one and you can hear both at the same time, first with the theremini’s pitch correction off and then (starting at 00:33) on. The tracking is flawless.

film thumbnail

click the picture above to see and hear the results of my test.