Nubian Dance

Listen to Nubian Dance

This piece uses a tuning system I created for a xenharmonic rendition of Barber's
Adagio for Strings. It is a dodecatonic subset of 23EDO:


The melody is played by an
Omnisphere’s sound I created with two oscillators (African flute and Kalimba Kaos).

The harmonic background comes from a couple of sounds by

The rhythmic part was the most difficult thing to assemble. It took me some time to reach an agreeable result. It is done with
Ultrabeat and Stylus RMX.

I tried many different EQs and compression setups. I played the rhythmic track over and over until I found something that sounded good to my ears.
In the end I used a track of Ultrabeat mangled by
CamelSpace and CamelCrusher plus three tracks of Stylus RMX with some compression.