From The Diary Of The 13th Fly

Listen to From The Diary Of The 13th Fly

A piece in a dodecatonic mode of 13ED2 (
Equal Division of ratio 2:1 into 13 steps of 92.308 cents each) featured already in many other pieces composed by myself, this time played with a Korg microSTATION using its internal user scales.


This picture shows what I did: above the tuning created with
LMSO, below the adaptation (with a 1 cent resolution) for the microSTATION.

The only other sound source is
Spectrasonics Stylus RMX for cymbal sounds.
The cymbals track was done simply copying the trumpet part and pasting it on the Stylus RMX track adapting the overall tuning of the track in such a way that the cymbal sounds sounded nice to my ears. The cymbals begin playing in sync with the trumpet, then diverge.

If you wonder about the title, this is the explanation: the central part of the piece (where the cymbals enter) reminded me of "
From The Diary Of A Fly", study no.142 of Bela Bartok's Mikrokosmos and because of the tuning of this piece…