Delta Gamma Blues - Version 2

Listen to Delta Gamma Blues - Version 2

This is a follow up to Delta Gamma Blues.

This new version was created as my entry to the “
AEH Ethno2 microtonal demos competition

Rules of this competition state that all sounds have to come from MOTU
Ethno2 and my previous version featured drum samples coming from Logic Pro’s sound library. So, I replaced the original drum track with 5 percussion instruments as you can see on the following picture.

Delta Gamma Blues drums

The trio playing harmonica, bass and balalaika has remained the same.

Delta Gamma Blues trio

So, there are 2 instances of Ethno2 playing at the same time.

Delta Gamma Blues Arr1

Click on the above picture to watch a short movie, on YouTube. The movie shows Logic Pro’s Arrange page while playing the first half of this tune. The scrolling score and the data list on the right are from the harmonica part. Lots of data for a monophonic line that then go to LMSO to be retuned in real time as explaining on the previous article.