Beiderbecke's In A Mist

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In A Mist

This is my C.A.M.P. (computer aided music performance/production) version of this very famous song by
Bix Beiderbecke.
I first heard
In A Mist as part of a compilation called “A Jazz Piano Anthology - From Ragtime to Free Jazz” that introduced me, then a teenager, to a lot of musicians I had never heard before, such as Bill Evans, Cecil Taylor and many more that in the following years became my idols (being a piano student myself). By the way, I still have this double album!

piano anthologyfront piano anthology back
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I don’t remember neither where nor when I got the score of this song but I found a MIDI version of it (I had done) on my recently resurrected
Atari computer. It was a simple transcription of notes without any expressive information. So, I took it, imported it to my MacBook Pro and started working on it until I got a satisfactory performance.

The picture above, for example, shows the tempo list for this piece.
Much more “massaging” was done on MIDI velocities and other parameters.