J.F.Sebastian's Lullaby


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…I make friends. They're toys. My friends are toys, I make them. It's my hobby. I'm a genetic designer" - J.F.Sebastian

When I started working on this piece I sort of saw this fictional character from the movie
Blade Runner all alone in the Bradbury building where he lives, meandering in the dark, surrounded only by his toys.

The tuning system for this piece is
Carlos Gamma (20th root of 3/2).
The sound sources are
Omnisphere and Keyscape by Spectrasonics and Spectral by LinPlug.

FWIW A = 432Hz

Sebastian was always my favorite character from Blade Runner. It captures the atmosphere of his workshop perfectly - E. C.
Oh Carlo this is superb! Beautiful work! I wanted that to go on forever! - T. F.
Mi ha intrigato tanto e lo ho ascoltato più volte,ovviamente mi sfuggono molti dettagli tecnici ma la profondità e la semplice complessità é stupefacente - M. P.