Mocambo 2014

Listen to Mocambo 2014

This is a song recorded in 1997 for my album “
Seraph Archipelago”.
Somehow in the studio I used a piano sound (from a Roland sound module, if I recall correctly) that I have regretted using ever since. Other sound modules involved were Yamaha
TX81Z, Yamaha TX802, Roland D110, Korg M3R, Alesis HR16. My computer was a glorious Atari Mega4 STE!!!

At last I decided to re-record the song with updated sounds: Yamaha
VL70m (solo synth), Kawai MP7 (acoustic and electric piano), Spectrasonics Trilian (bass), Spectrasonics Stylus RMX (drums).

Finally I can listen to this song enjoying it!