Bhairava Bungalow

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Bhairava Bungalow

The idea was to see if I was able to create a microtonal arpeggiator.
I needed to send the output of the arpeggiator to the input of LMSO (the application I use to retune midi notes).
I found this solution:
I play the Kurzweil PC3x and send midi notes to the MacBook Pro running LMSO and Logic Pro 9


Midi notes, through Plug1 (midi interface), get to Logic and its arpeggiator


they get recorded (before being retuned) and at the same time sent to LMSO


retuned notes go back to the PC3x and played according to the sounds selected through Program Changes.


This way I can change arpeggiator settings and sounds while the sequence is playing.

For this piece I chose a couple of tuning systems


The sequence, the first time, is played using only the first tuning system, The second time it is played while I manually alternate between the 2 tuning systems, every 5 bars (why 5? because the sequence is 45 bars long and 5 bars allowed me enough time to press the right buttons at the right time!)

I had the iMac synched, as slave, to the MacBook Pro. I used the iMac (running Logic Pro X) as audio recorder.
The sounds you hear come from the PC3x. I recorded the sequence 4 times with 4 different sounds (for the first section) and 4 times (manually alternating between the 2 tuning systems), with the same 4 sounds, for the second section starting after the "Long Crash Cymbal".


I then added that "Bungalow Beat".