Lament for Marco


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Marco Lamioni (1956 - 2017) was a friend of mine who passed away six months ago. Not only he was a great musician, producer and arranger but also a very kind person. You can find his music on YouTube and elsewhere. We also had something else in common being both adopting fathers. I helped his wife Lucia to sell some of his stuff once he could no longer use it and kept for myself a sound library by Vienna Symphonic Library I had sold to him a few years earlier because I work in a music store and he was a frequent customer.

This piece started as a follow-up to my previous piece "
Slowly Waiting" using similar sounds and mood but this time playing my custom-made Opal Chameleon.

Part of my setup for using the Chameleon microtonally resides inside my MacBook Pro running OS 10.6.8 (I am one of the very few users of "
Disarray" by X.J.Scott).
MIDI data coming out of the Chameleon go to the MBP, intercepted by Disarray, retuned by
LMSO (another application by X.J.Scott), recorded into Apple Logic 9 and sent through a MIDI patch bay to another MIDI interface connected to a "modern" iMac running OS 11.1 where most of my virtual synths and Logic Studio X reside.
With this convoluted but perfectly functioning setup I am able to use my isomorphic, generalized keyboard, microtonally, with ANY virtual (or hardware) synth.
When this piece was taking shape, its somber mood and the fact that I was using Marco's VSL sounds made me think to dedicate this piece to him. I hope he will appreciate it!


Omnisphere and Linplug Spectral are used to double the VSL sounds. Percussive sounds come from Logic Studio Ultrabeat.
The tuning system used for this piece is
Carlos Gamma.