Gamma Breezin'


Listen to Gamma Breezin’

(a new version of
Gamma Breezin’, with a new drum track, is featured on my Gammatar album)

I cannot fail to notice that
Breezin’ was a famous album by George Benson, that the initials of this song are the same of this great guitarist and that this is a guitar song but I did not have him in mind while playing it!

This is a song featuring again Spectrasonics
Omnisphere’s wonderful sounds.
Other guitar songs I wrote using a similar setup are
Gamma Monk, Glorious60, Glorious Guitars, Chameleon And Me (video) and Chameleons In The Sun.

The tuning system is again the mode of
Carlos Gamma already featured on many of my recent songs. See Hal Trumpetti for more explanations.

The title says it all: I play Gamma “
in a casual or lighthearted manner”.

Hope you enjoy it too!

C. V. commented:
this is truly beautiful Carlo!  Very nice - calm yet a bit spooky