Alpha El Din

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Alpha El Din

This song is the natural evolution of my experiments with
Melodyne Editor 2.0.
The song started as a
Carlos Alpha improvisation played with my Chamelon and an Omnisphere guitar sound. After creating a reasonable musical structure I added some percussions with Stylus RMX.


At this point I took courage and started singing!
The voice mostly follows the guitar improvisation. I did not record many takes trying to keep a fresh approach trusting Melodyne to fix any kind of rhythmic and/or intonation problem and it did!
The above picture shows the first bars of the vocal track with Carlos Alpha as reference scale.
It was really amazing to use Melodyne tools to fix what I heard as improvable:

AlphaElDinMelAT AlphaElDinMelNST

AlphaElDinMelPMT AlphaElDinMelTT

Here and there you can hear some audio artifacts but in general the voice keeps its natural timbre.

The Carlo Serafini Band now has a new member: the xenharmonic singer!