An Irishman in Guangdong


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This song features the same gamelan sound and tuning system of my previous piece called “Gammalan”. The patch was created with Spectrasonics Omnisphere and Carlos Gamma tuning system.
The title alludes to the hybrid character of the song. The melodic line reminds me of traditional Irish music but played on exotically tuned Asian instruments as if an Irish expatriate was trying to recreate the music of his/her native country with instruments at hand in some far away area of the world. Fortunately, our expatriate had, at least, access to some native percussion instruments, a bodhrán!
Being neither Irish nor Chinese, you will excuse me if my recreation of traditional folk music does not sound as you expect! That’s how it sounds in my head.
Retrospectively, I can say that the melodic material is mostly pentatonic that could easily recreated using the usual Western tuning system but, of course, without the ethnic flavour available here.
Why “Guangdong”? Only to create an assonance between my title and that of a famous song by Sting (or was it Godley & Creme?): “An Englishman in New York”!

ireland-map guangdong

P. R. commented:
Truly lovely. Especially the ending, and the beginning, and the middle!