Do Androids Dream Of 18ED2?

Listen to Do Androids Dream Of 18ED2?

A free “chiseled” improvisation like this one starts as a raw piece of music (pun intended) that, afterwards, gets polished by the improviser/composer/arranger/sound designer, with all the digital tools that technology makes available to him/her.

The tools are those offered to me by Logic Studio 9 and LMSO with the help of
Omnisphere and Alchemy softsynths.

The tuning system for this piece is a dodecatonic subset of 18ED2 (
Equal Division of ratio 2:1 into 18 steps) where each tempered tone (200 cents) is divided into 3 equal parts of which only 2 are used:


The title clearly refers to the book by
Philip K. Dick that was the literary source of “Blade Runner”. Although this piece has nothing to do with the soundtrack composed by Vangelis for that film, it reminded me of that movie and that is why I chose this title.