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This piece was inspired by “A Theory of Evolving Tonality”, a book written by Joseph Yasser, published in 1932, that I recently read and

The dodecatonic scale I use is the following one (measured in cents from the root):

0., 100., 171.429, 340., 342.857, 514.286, 580., 685.714, 820., 857.143, 1060., 1028.571, 1200.


You may notice that the eleventh degree of the scale is higher in pitch than the twelfth!

I will not explain why because I am sure some of the bright minds of the microtonal community will quickly solve this problem.
The only hints are that it has something to do with the above mentioned book and that the song’s title should suggest the solution.

The winner will receive an honorable mention on this blog!


In a matter of a few hours the contest was won by Dr.
John H. Chalmers who explained:
“You’ve combined 7-edo and 5-edo the former on 0 cents, the latter on 100 cents to get 12 tones.”

(of course 5EDO is mapped to black keys and 7EDO to the white ones, that’s why Bb is sharper than B)