Alpha15 note layout

While on vacation in
Austria I came up with the idea that Carlos Alpha (9th root of 3:2 with steps of 77.995 cents) and 15ED2 (15th root of 2:1 with steps of 80 cents) were similar enough to be able to share the same note layout for my Opal Chameleon.

So, I proceeded creating an arbitrary 15 note list using the usual note names with sharps and flats because my goal is to be able to visualize notes with
Logic Pro, that only uses standard notation and that explains also why I am using an octave-centric notation based on 15ED2 for Carlos Alpha whose repeat ratio is 3:2 and is a non-octave tuning system.

The note names I chose are:
A A# Bb B C C# Db D D# Eb E F F# Gb G and the layout follows the usual melodic table scheme so, I move 9 steps going north and 5 steps going north east.

I tried out a few color patterns then I settled on the following one:


Now I have to remove the old
Carlos Beta stickers from my Chameleon, clean the keys, prepare new stickers and attach them to it.
Once everything is in place I will see if my theory makes sense.