Elba Gamma

This summer I went to the
Elba island on vacation with my family.

click on the picture to watch the movie

The island is part of the
Tuscan archipelago, a lovely place!

I took with me a video recorder. One day, after some rain, I shot a few movies.

When I came back home I edited a few of them with
iMovie and created a soundtrack.

It goes without saying the tuning system I used is
Carlos Gamma!

I slowed the movie down to 20% of its original speed, I edited exposure, brightness, contrast and saturation. I added transitions and titles.
My idea was to have a slow paced video supporting the soundtrack and not vice versa (usually it is the soundtrack that supports video).

The sounds you hear come mainly from Camel Audio Alchemy’s Planet Earth soundbank with exception of a horn-like sound from
Spectrasonics Omnisphere and a few drum loops from Apple sound library.

C. V. commented:
Nice work! You should go on vacation more often smiley-smile