The Singing Alchemist


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The Singing Alchemist

This is a song born from a couple of recent updates to my setup: Camel Audio Alchemy BigTone sound library and
Spectral Vocoder, a Nord G2 patch by Swiss synthesist Tim Kleinert.

Other elements of this song are my constant companions:
Carlos Gamma tuning system, LMSO, Logic Pro and Opal Chameleon.

All parts are played on the Chameleon, midi notes to be sent to the G2 are remapped by “Disarray”, a small utility by X.J.Scott (see
Gamma Elegy for more informations about it) and sent to Logic Pro.


From Logic Pro they are sent to the LMSO input to be retuned.
LMSO then sends them back to Logic Pro thru IAC (Inter Application Communication protocol) and from there to the G2


...while singing, shouting and/or whispering on the
Shure WH20XLR headset microphone connected to its mic input.

C. V. comented:
This is excellent Carlo!! The timbre selection works well with the material. You seem to be "one" with Carlos Gamma tuning.