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This is an experiment that followed other pieces like
Barefoot Meditation, Far Away From Home and Shadow and Light because it is a technical development using techniques I already explained in The Making of Barefoot Meditation.
The idea is to sync 2 computers


so that that first computer
records incoming MIDI data (with Apple Logic 9), then get retuned by LMSO, then sent to the second computer where they are recorded again (but this time retuned)


Why this convoluted procedure?
Because recording MIDI data before retuning I can edit them as normal. That was impossible with my previous pieces using this technique because the first computer was only retuning MIDI data that were recorded (retuned) only on the second one and clearly impossible to edit.
This means that I have to save different portions of the song on two computers but that is not a big deal for a geek like me!